Theatre company find the perfect venue for Sartre’s vision of hell

Manchester based company Out of Kilter Theatre have picked the perfect venue for their production of the classic Jean Paul Sartre play, No Exit, at this year’s GM Fringe Festival.

Theatre goers will be descending into the suitably atmospheric and oppressive vaults of The Kings Arms to watch this stark, edgy drama about three characters who find they are, quite literally, in hell.

But this is not the hell of manic devils, ghastly horrors and terrible tortures that we learned from the bible or the paintings of Bosch. As suggested by the play’s often quoted line ‘hell is other people’, it is the conflicting needs and demands of the characters as they try to face up to the terrible things they did in their past lives, and their uncertain future together, that creates its own dramatic inferno of tension, drama and menace, underpinned by a dark humour.

Director Kerry Kawai confesses she has wanted to produce the play for a number of years. ‘I’ve been fascinated by the ideas and the potential of the work and, when we discussed putting it on at this year’s GM Fringe, the vaults at The Kings Arms was the first place that came to mind. It’s a fantastic drama with a brilliant cast and the venue will, without doubt, add another level of atmosphere and intensity to the performance’.

No Exit by Jean Paul Sartre is at The Kings Arms on 12th – 14th July at 7:30pm.

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