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Stories without beginnings, middles and ends

17 June, 2019 |

“A story should have a beginning, a middle and an end, but not necessarily in that order” (Jean-Luc Godard, film director) … yet I wonder whether a beginning, middle and end – in any sequence – is a true reflection of how we experience our own stories, our own lives; or whether, as Pat Barker…

Guest blog by Kailey McGowan (playing Jessica and Sandra in ‘Small Histories’)

3 June, 2019 |

Last November we performed a small section of Small Histories after a period of R&D work. During this, we all played multiple parts and so we all fully got to know each individual character. This has worked really well now we are delving into the full production because no one has tunnel vision and we…

Guest blog by Lindsay Eavis (playing Constance Aspinall (b. 1880) in ‘Small Histories’)

25 April, 2019 |

Being the elder of the company I have memories of an earlier age and of an upbringing of austerity during the mid twentieth century.  I also have a memory of earlier times from the stories told to me by my parents dating back to Edwardian times when they lived in back to back houses in…

Shifting Perspectives

17 June, 2016 |

Have you ever been driving in your car or sitting on a bus and listening to music then suddenly felt as if you are somehow outside of the world, observing it at a distance, and that everything, even the most mundane things, are somehow very strange and distant yet very beautiful? Or have you ever…


7 June, 2016 |

How does a story begin? For me, invariably, it starts with a picture in my head. Even if the picture is accompanied by an idea, it is the image, first and foremost, that pesters until I begin to search for the answers as to who or what it is, what it means, what it wants.…