About Us

Out of Kilter Theatre is a Manchester-based company.

We’re interested in devising, developing, and performing new work as well as bringing our own approach and ideas to the production of published plays.

Whether it’s the subject, or the style, or both, we aspire to make theatre that is strange, unusual, out of the ordinary, surreal, evocative, provocative, bold, and beautiful.

We believe in theatre as a physical, intellectual, and emotional space of wonder, magic, and strangeness; a place where we can embark on new journeys, into other places in this world, or in other worlds, or inside ourselves.

Our emphasis is on making theatre as performance rather than conventional narrative and we love to combine emotive, non-naturalistic, and naturalistic language with a strong emphasis on incorporating physicality/dance. We believe in the importance of collaboration as part of the development and rehearsal process and actively encourage performers to contribute their ideas in the rehearsal room so that they feel a sense of ownership of the work.

As a company, we will be working with talent from the North-West region and will be offering valuable opportunities and experience to young people at the start of their careers in theatre and the performing arts.

Kerry Kawai
Actor, Director & Co-Founder

 “I’ve been acting and directing for 20+ years in London, Manchester, and Tokyo, Japan. My work is a fusion of styles and Stanislavski and Uta Hagen are particular influences on my approach to the truth on stage. I have a background in dance and physical theatre and my approach also often employs the techniques of Kabuki theatre, Jaques Le Coq, and, more recently, Viewpoints.

I’m a great believer in collaborative work and encourage actors and performers to offer up ideas within the rehearsal process”.

Mark Murphy
Producer, Writer & Co-Founder

“In 2006 I fulfilled a long-held ambition to study a masters degree in dramatic writing. In 2009 my play, ‘Out of Dead Air’ was performed at the 24:7 Theatre Festival in Manchester. Later that year I joined Incubate Writers on attachment to Bolton Octagon where I gained valuable experience as part of the writing team working on two of the theatre’s Christmas productions.

After Incubate Writers I returned to working on new material and teamed up with Kerry in 2015.

As a writer I value the influence of music, poetry and dance in the creation of new work just as much as watching and reading plays and performances. As a producer I’m a dogged developer of projects”.

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